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Color and Reliability

Ink Division

The Ink Division develops, manufactures, and markets ecologically responsible printing inks and related products for various industries that are superior in quality and performance. They aim to develop new business in the digital printing segment in response to current industry trends.


The Ink Business Group provides offset printing inks as its core line of products along with other printing related supplies. Products include printing presses, peripheral equipment, digital printing equipment and supplies.

Gravure Inks

The Gravure Ink Business Group provides environmentally friendly, high quality products for gravure printing.

Plastic Chemicals Division

The Plastic Chemicals Division concentrates on masterbatches, plastic compounds and functional materials. They utilize their expertise in dispersion and process technologies to provide solutions for customers' diverse applications.


The Masterbatch Business Group manages concentrated dispersion of pigments and additives for various end use applications including films and containers for packaging, agricultural films, pipes, and plastic components for automotive and other industries.


The Compounds Business Group provides a variety of comprehensive compounds that meet critical requirements for automotive, electrics, and other industries.

Functional Materials

The Functional Materials Business Group provides conductive compounds for the electronic industry and powder resins for various applications.

Plastic Products Division

The Plastics Products Division provides various types of formed plastic products for industrial, packaging, agricultural and civil engineering applications.

Industrial Materials

The Industrial Materials Business Group provides plastic net, mesh and grid products as well as profile extrusion products for various industrial applications.

Packaging Materials

The Packaging Materials Business Group provides plastic net and foamed packaging material for agricultural products and conductive trays for shipping and handling of electronic devices.

Geosynthetics and Agricultural Materials

The Geosynthetics and Agricultural Materials Business Group provides geogrid, geotextiles, pipe products for civil engineering, films, and agricultural products.