Color and Reliability

Offset Inks & Related Products

Sheetfed Inks

Process Colors
Zipset New Cervo
(Soy Cervo)
Environmentally friendly, high performance 4 color process that produces premium quality images.
Zipset NS New Cervo 8
(NS Soy Cervo 8)
Non skinning type process colors for both 4 color press and 8 color perfecting press.
Zipset New Cervo 100 VOC free version of New Cervo
Zipset NS New Cervo 100 Non skinning, VOC free version of New Cervo 8.
Zipset FF Fast Drying 4 color process that provides exceptional mileage and stability on extended runs.
Zipset NS New GP-1
(Non Skin GP-1)
Highly pigmented, stay open ink that offers exceptional water balance and dry times.
Waterless Inks
Zipset Alux Waterless process series that is designed with a high resistance to toning. Suitable for perfecting presses.
Stock Colors
Zipset GP Series A wide range of stock colors are available.
Sheetfed CCM Base
Zipset CCM Base Specifically designed colors to be used in conjunction with computer color matching systems.
Packaging Inks
Zipset New CA-2 High intensity and superior rub resistance with low odor for package printing.
Zipset NE Carton Semi-overnight version of New CA-2.
Perfecting Inks
Zipset Perfector L Black Red shade black for uncoated papers stocks.
Zipset Perfector S Black Standard black for uncoated papers stocks.
Zipset Perfector B Black Blue shade black for uncoated papers stocks.
Zipset Perfector H Black High density black for uncoated papers stocks.
Matte Inks
Matte Black A smooth dull black that dries without burnishing.
Overprint Varnishes
OP Top Varnish Clear Gloss overprint varnish that resist yellowing.
CA-2 Overprint Varnish Low odor overprint varnish with excellent rub resistance.
L-TPC Varnish In-line overprint varnish with low odor and superior rub resistance.
Pantone® Colors
Pantone® Colors Complete line of intermediate base colors for Pantone® Matching System.