Color and Reliability

Offset Inks & Related Products

Specialty Inks

Gold Inks
Zipset 615 Gold Brilliant reddish gold.
Zipset 617 Gold Brilliant bluish gold.
EX-2 Gold Suitable for post press process.
Web Gold Reddish and bluish gold inks for web heatset printing.
Alux Gold Waterless reddish and bluish gold inks.
Silver Inks
Zipset 610 Silver High luster silver.
EX-2 Silver Silver suitable for post press processĀ 
Web Silver Silver for web heatset printing.
Alux Silver Waterless silver ink.
Fluorescent Inks
FL Colors Fluorescents for sheetfed printing.
Web Fluorescents Fluorescents for web heatset printing.
Scented Varnishes
Hi-Scent Overprint varnish for sheetfed printing containing encapsulated aroma which is released when print surface is rubbed. Over 50 different scents available.
UV (Ultraviolet) Inks
UV Carton UV curing inks for cartons and packaging.
UV BF UV curing inks for business form.
UV Gold UV curing reddish and bluish gold inks.
UV Silver UV curing silver ink.
Drop Out Inks
Drop Out Ink Specifically colored inks that will not be read by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems.
Proof Inks
Proof Ink Ink used for carbonless paper forms printing to eliminate color shift and bleeding.
Fade Resistant Inks
Weathering Ink Fade resistant inks suitable for direct and indirect sunlight.