Color and Reliability

Offset Inks & Related Products

Printing Chemicals

Fountain Solutions
Protech Series
CDS Series
SG Series
Fountain solution designed for printing without alcohol.
H Solution No.1 Conventional fountain solution concentrates
H Solution No.4 Fountain solution suitable for conventional dampening systems.
EP-2 VOC free fountain solution.
SR-75 High solvent fountain solution for alcohol free printing.
PF-2 Neutral pH fountain solution for newspaper printing with spray dampening systems.
Cleaners and Chemicals
Ink roller cleaners
Water roller cleaners
Blanket cleaners
Plate cleaners
UV roller and plate cleaners
Ceramic jacket cleaners
Paper dust cleaners
Spray nozzle and in-line filter cleaners
Defoaming agents
Anti-mold agents
Anti-static agents
Anti-drying sprays
Alcohol substitutes.
Plate preservers and plate gumming solutions
Spray powders