Color and Reliability

Gravure Inks & Related Products

Varnishes and Coatings

Overprint Varnishes
FC1000 Series Polyamide overprint varnishes.
FC2000 Series Nitrocellulose overprint varnishes.
FCA7000 Series Water-based overprint varnishes.
Finecoat No.504 Gloss varnish
Finecoat M-500 Matte varnish.
Finecoat No.602 Gloss varnish recommended for label printing.
Water-based Finecoat
Water-based gloss varnish.
Water-based Finecoat
Water-based matte varnish.
Offset In-line Varnishes
OF Coat 201W
Water-based offset printing varnish for in-line coating.
Papiocoat P-198D Solvent-based coating.
Papiocoat T-720W
Water-based coating.
Papiocoat T-744W
Highly rub resistant, water-based coating.
Solvent Free UV Coatings
UV Top FL102B UV flexo coating with added slip resistance.
UV Top FL102K High slip UV coating for flexographic printing.
UV Top LS103-7 Gloss UV coating suitable for laminated stocks.
UV Top LS210-1 Standard UV coating for laminated stocks.
Under Lacquer for Aluminum
AFUL No.54-2 Designed for both UV and offset printing.
AFUL No.85B Good for UV printing with superior anti-blocking properties.
AFUL No.21 Toluene-free lacquer with superior anti-blocking properties that is suitable for UV printing.
Water-based AFUL Water-based lacquer with superior anti-blocking properties for UV printing.