Color and Reliability

Color and Additive Concentrates (Masterbatch or MB)

Masterbatch (MB) is a concentrated dispersion of colors &/or additives in the form of plastic pellets. MB is designed to achieve the desired colors or properties by being diluted (or letdown) with appropriate amounts of letdown resin.

MB offers many benefits:
Reduced cost (compared to conventional methods such as pre-colored resins or dry colors)
Saves Space
Easy-to-handle materials
Easy weighing and feeding
Improved production efficiency (e.g. shorter time of color changeover or turnaround time)
Increased quality control
Maintenance of environmental cleanliness
Improves health and safety conditions

Tokyo Printing Ink provides superior product design and technical support for various color and additive MB that modifies and enhances the end-use performance of plastic products.

Color MB

Additive MB

Process Aid MB

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