Color and Reliability

Color and Additive Concentrates (Masterbatch or MB)

Color MB

Tokyo Printing Ink provides color solutions that allow customers to achieve the desired colors and end-use requirements with ease.

We provide a wide selection of Standard Color MB, Custom Color MB and Special Effect MB (e.g., silver MB and pearlescent MB) for various applications and production processes.

Packaging (Bags, Tubes, Bottles and Containers), Electronics Materials, Construction Materials, Foam Packaging, Agricultural Films, Personal Care Products and Diapers, Automotive (Exterior and Interior parts)
Single & Multilayer Films (Cast & Blown), Extrusion Coating, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Profile Extrusions, Foam Processing, Fiber, Non-Woven Fiber

*Silver MB: Our Silver MB contains very thin aluminum flakes that lay parallel to the surface. This leafing tendency produces excellent light reflecting properties and a metallic like appearance.
*Pearlescent MB: Our Pearlescent MB gives a beautiful appearance of changing colors when viewing angle and/or illumination change.