Color and Reliability

Color and Additive Concentrates (Masterbatch or MB)

Process Aid MB

Our Process Aid MB offers solutions to processing difficulties.

Process Aid MB Include:
PLAHELPER for the elimination of melt fracture and reduction of die build-up.
Process aid for reducing sloughing (commonly encountered in HDPE inflation process).
Antioxidants for reducing oxidation during process or for retaining heat-stability of recycled materials
Antioxidant for processing food packagesSlip Agents to improve slip properties. Can also be used as a mold release agent.
Anti-Blocking prevents blocking and tacking by making the film surface irregular. It can also be used as an Anti-Plate out agent.
Anti-Foaming reduces the formation of foam caused by vaporized water during processing.
Functional Filler (calcium carbonate or talc) improves the mechanical properties of polymers.
Purge MB for quick color/resin changeover.