Message from the President


President and CEO

Atsuo Ohashi

Starting out as a manufacturer of printing inks, Tokyo Ink has a long history. We have enhanced our skills in step with the changing times. In addition to manufacturing and selling printing inks, we have developed and manufactured products covering a wide range of function added recording materials. By applying skills honed while developing printing inks, we have striven to manufacture and sell related products such as colorants for plastics, pushing us on as a comprehensive color and chemical company. We will make an extensive contribution to society by continuously providing:
1) Printing ink and its related products - printing materials such as inkjet inks, functional inks, coatings, and peripheral materials;
2) Plastic colorant and its related products - functional additives for plastics and plastic molding compounds that utilize such technology;
3) Plastic products produced by the above technology and forming technology; and
4) High-quality and environmentally-friendly products by making use of the latest technology.
We will continue to take valuable feedback from customers seriously, and make full effort throughout the group to contribute to society and provide environmentally-friendly products that cater to the needs of the present age.