Guidelines for Action

Tokyo Printing Ink's Guidelines for Action are broadly divided into three.
We come together as a group and take action to realize our corporate philosophy with passion in our hearts.

Tokyo Printing Ink's Guidelines for Action

Never Stop Challenging

We believe it is important to have an attitude to resolutely take on challenges and problems.
We will continue to take on challenges without ever giving up even if there are times when we are not rewarded for our efforts.

Creating Value through Innovation

We need to create value through innovation to give shape to the ideas of our customers.
We will continue to provide exciting ideas seeking even further value without being satisfied with the status quo.

Growing Together

It is not possible to do a good job on your own.
It is important for everyone to share and discuss ideas to move forward to the same target while respecting each other.
We will continue to learn and to grow together to share the great joy of living up to the trust and expectations of our customers, families, coworkers, business partners and communities who support us.

Various Guidelines

We at the Tokyo Printing Ink Group have established various guidelines and are engaging in various activities in important areas and challenges to promote environmental, social and governance (ESG) management.

Risk Management Guidelines

We have established a management structure to deal with risks which may materialize in our group.
We aim to contribute to improving the corporate value of our group by recognizing those risks, preventing them from materializing and reliably reducing losses when they do materialize.

  • We aim to improve our ability to respond to risks by engaging in ongoing risk management activities.
  • We engage in sincere corporate management which does not impair the health, safety or interests of our stakeholders.
  • Our top priority is the quality and safety of our products and services. We aim to minimize damage and to restore our business early in line with our business continuity plan (BCP) when an emergency arises.
  • We foster sensitivity to risks by engaging in risk education activities and sharing risk information.

Compliance Guidelines

Our group always recognizes our corporate social responsibility.
We aim to achieve harmony with society and the further development of our corporate activities by acting fairly and honestly with common sense while complying with norms, ethics and internal rules in addition to laws and ordinances.

  • We respect basic human rights and do not discriminate in any way.
  • We maintain and build sound relationships with our business partners.
    We then engage in fair and equitable transactions with them.
  • We take a resolute stance against anti-social forces which may threaten the social order and safety.
    We do not enter into any kind of relationship with such social forces.
  • We appropriately disclose information in a timely manner to enhance our corporate transparency.
  • We continue to provide awareness and education to all the officers and employees in our group to instill the importance of compliance.
  • We respond promptly and appropriately if a compliance issue arises.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Our group puts safety first. We maintain and manage the health and safety of our employees in the workplace.

  • We improve our employees awareness of risks through risk prediction activities and education.
  • We have formulated safety standards and are working to prevent occupational accidents.
  • We build comfortable and pleasant workplaces to maintain the physical and mental health of our employees.

Quality Guidelines

Our group works to improve quality on an ongoing basis.
We provide products and services which are trusted by our customers.

  • We provide high-quality and safe products and services.
  • We develop products and services which can contribute to society.
  • We strive to enhance the value of our products and services by improving our systems on an ongoing basis.

Sustainability Guidelines

Our group aims to enhance our corporate value through sound and highly transparent management and business activities.
At the same time, we strive to contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

  • We emphasize dialogue with all our stakeholders, enhance corporate transparency and fulfill our social responsibilities.
  • We contribute to the formation of a sustainable society by providing products and services.
  • We respect the basic human rights and diversity of our employees.
    We also strive to ensure their health and safety while building rewarding workplaces.
  • We contribute to the growth of our employees and the formation of a sustainable society through social contribution activities.

Environmental Guidelines

Our group continues to work to reduce our burden on the global environment through our business activities.

  • We strive to develop products and services which contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.
  • We work to reduce greenhouse gases and waste by promoting ongoing energy-saving activities and recycling.
  • We endeavor to conserve the environment by setting voluntary standards in addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • We proactively disclose environmental information required of companies.
  • We engage in environmental educational and public relation activities on employees with the aim of improving their awareness of environmental problems.

Business Continuity Plan Guidelines

Our group has established a business continuity plan (BCP) to fulfill our social responsibility in case a large-scale natural disaster or event which seriously hinders the continuation of business occurs.
Our group and all our employees will work on this plan if needed.

  • 1. Respect human rights:
    We respect and strive to ensure the safety of the lives of our employees, their families and all our other stakeholders.
  • 2. Maintain customer trust:
    We aim to provide peace of mind to our customers by restoring business as soon as possible.
  • 3. Contribute to the community and society:
    We act to contribute to recovery as a member of the community and society.
  • 4. Build an emergency structure:
    We build a structure which allows us to take action by thoroughly informing all our employees of our basic policy and providing them education on it.
  • 5. Make continuous improvements:
    We aim to be a company trusted by our stakeholders through business continuity management (BCM).