Plastic Products Division

Using plastic materials that utilize our core technology - dispersion techniques, we have developed and manufactured formed plastic products and plastic processed products applying mono-axial stretching technology and extrusion molding technology (the Netlon process). We also promote the development and production of various kinds of products in new sectors.

Packaging materials

We propose and provide packaging materials in a wide range of sectors using unique processing technology, e.g., plastic net and film packaging used for various items such as fruit and vegetables, confectionery, coins, soap, etc.

Industrial materials

We provide a diversity of plastic processed products, e.g., industrial materials such as filters using the Netlon process, agricultural materials that contribute to crop growth control by combining various plastic process technology.

Civil engineering materials and environmental materials

Centering on Terracell (Geocell), we provide civil engineering and environmental materials for various applications such as disaster recovery, disaster prevention, protection or reinforcement of slope and soft soil. As well as providing materials, we provide value-added solutions by proposing various construction method corresponding to condition as a solution package.