Inks Division

Focusing on offset inks and gravure inks, we research, produce, and sell high-quality, high-performance, and high value‐added products that contribute to the preservation of the global environment. We also handle printing related products, functional coating materials, and press room supplies. In line with recent changes in the printing industry, we are focusing on product groups that support digital printing, such as inkjet inks.

Offset Inks

We provide inks for paper-based media such as magazines, free papers, newspapers, books, packaging, and flyers. We cater to customers' diverse needs by offering a wide lineup of environment-oriented products, UV curable inks, etc. We also provide printing related products, press room supplies and printing equipment.

Gravure Inks

We provide inks for items that we use in daily life, e.g., milk cartons, confectionery boxes, department store wrapping paper, food trays, bags for instant noodles and bread, direct mails, etc. In addition to colored printing inks, we develop and provide inks excellent in design effect and functional coating materials. We also provide a wide lineup of environmental-friendly products.

Inkjet Inks

In step with the digital age, we develop and manufacture inkjet inks. In the sector where high-performance and environmental friendliness are demanded, we have developed ultraviolet curable inks (UV inks) by making use of unique dispersion techniques honed while developing inks and plastic colorants, and such products support a wide variety of applications ranging from graphics to industrial uses.