Plastic Chemicals Division

In order to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of the plastics industry, we are working to provide a variety of products, including masterbatches that utilize our dispersion and processing technologies.

Plastic colorants

Our colorants are used in all kinds of plastic products around us, such as automobiles, home appliances, containers, and films, and we provide compounds, masterbatches, dry colors, and other colorants according to molding conditions. We also provide colorants for thermosetting resins used in housing equipment, etc., and are engaged in coloring in a wide range of fields.

Functional additives for plastics

While plastics have many advantages such as being lightweight and easy to mold, they also have disadvantages such as degradation due to ultraviolet rays, etc., easy combustion, and easy electrification. We provide functional additives to compensate for such disadvantages. By adding functional additives at the time of molding, it is possible to add various functions to plastics, such as weather resistance, flame retardance, and electrical conductivity, etc. Our products are used in places that are invisible to the eye, different from colors.

Other functional products

We are also focusing on the development and sales of various functional products that make use of the advantages of plastics. Our products include powdered thermoplastic resin for use in adhesives and coatings, filaments and stage sealants for 3D printers, which have been expanding in recent years, and materials for radiation detection.