Environment & Quality


Tokyo Ink Group environmental policy

We strive at Tokyo Printing Ink to contribute widely to society by providing environmentally-friendly products.

Environmental Guidelines

Our group continues to work to reduce our burden on the global environment through our business activities.

  • We strive to develop products and services which contribute to reducing the burden on the environment.
  • We work to reduce greenhouse gases and waste by promoting ongoing energy-saving activities and recycling.
  • We endeavor to conserve the environment by setting voluntary standards in addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • We proactively disclose environmental information required of companies.
  • We engage in environmental educational and public relation activities on employees with the aim of improving their awareness of environmental problems.

Development of a company-wide environmental management system

As part of our company-wide environmental management system, we endeavor to reduce waste, promote recycling, save resources, save energy, and develop environmentally-friendly products, etc.

ISO 14001 certification

Yoshinohara factory and Toki factory acquired certification in July 2005, followed by Osaka and Fukuoka factories in July 2006. Furthermore, in July 2008, the Hanyu and Tabata factories acquired certification, then all Tokyo Ink factories acquired ISO 14001 certification.

TEMS (Tokyo Ink Environmental Management System)

Sales and other departments unrelated to production and technology departments are carrying out TEMS activities that are a simplified version of the ISO 14001, and are working on various themes such as resource-saving, energy-saving and waste reduction.

Proper management of chemical substances

To manage chemicals properly, Tokyo Ink has established "Management Regulations for Environment-related substances to be Controlled" incorporating related domestic and international laws and regulations, industry voluntary regulation, and customer requirements, and has worked on risk management of hazardous substances that burden the environment. This risk management covers all stages from R&D to raw material procurement, purchasing of facilities, construction of facilities, product manufacturing, product sale, and disposal.


Tokyo Ink Group Quality Policy

To develop, produce and sell products that satisfy customers, Tokyo Ink Group will strive to improve its quality management system and provide “best customer satisfaction products”.

Quality Guidelines

Our group works to improve quality on an ongoing basis.
We provide products and services which are trusted by our customers.

  • We provide high-quality and safe products and services.
  • We develop products and services which can contribute to society.
  • We strive to enhance the value of our products and services by improving our systems on an ongoing basis.

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certification has now been acquired for all factories starting with the Toki factory in 2001, and then the Yoshinohara factory in 2003, the Hanyu factory in 2004, the Osaka factory in 2005, and the Fukuoka factory in 2008.