Terms of Use

Please read these terms of use very carefully.

Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) runs a website with the principle objective of providing information to customers. When using this website, it is assumed that the Customer agrees with the below conditions of use. Customers that don’t agree with the conditions of use are asked to refrain from browsing the website and using services such as downloading.
The conditions of use are subject to change without prior notice. When customers use this website after a change to the conditions of use has taken effect, it shall be assumed that customers have agreed to change the conditions of use.

1. Disclaimer

The Company shall pay the utmost care and attention when providing information on this website, but it shall bear no liability with regard to the following:

  • All provided information being the latest information and being completely correct, safe and useful;
  • Shutting down the server, amending information or stopping/interrupting the provision of information without prior notice, and any damages arising out of that;
  • Any damages relating to the use of this website;
  • Accessing other websites linked to from this website, and any damages arising from the use of such websites

2. Prohibited acts

The following acts committed by customers when using this website are prohibited:

  • Infringe the industrial property rights, copyright, and other property rights of other customers, the Company or third parties;
  • Abuse, slander or threaten other customers, third parties or the Company;
  • An act that inflicts or may inflict losses or damages on other customers, third parties or the Company;
  • An act that discredits or may discredit the Company or this website;
  • Use or provide or an act that may use or provide a harmful computer program such as a computer virus;
  • An act that breaches or may breach laws and regulations.

3. Links

Only post links after reading the below “Precautions regarding links” and agreeing to the contents thereof.
Please note that if a link to the Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. website is posted in another website and the Company assesses that website to be inappropriate, it may request that link to be removed.

  • Websites which we refuse links from
    We firmly refuse links from websites that correspond or may correspond with the following:
    ・Links from websites that abuse or slander Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. and its associated companies and their directors or employees, or third parties;
    ・Links from websites that discredit or damage the dignity of Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd., such as websites that violate standards of decency;
    ・Links from websites that contain content, which is or may be illegal, or websites that relate to activities, which are or may be illegal;
    ・Links from websites that give third parties a false impression that they are browsing this website, such as opening this website within an internal frame layout;
    ・Links from websites that give the false impression that they are in collaboration or partnership with Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. or links that give the false impression that Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. recognizes or supports the link source website;
  • Link destination
    Please use “” as the link to this website.
  • Other precautions
    Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd. shall bear no liability for any complaints or demands for compensation from customers or third parties concerning customers’ own website, which is the link source. Customers must ensure that they do not cause any kind of damages to be inflicted on Tokyo Printing Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd., which is the link destination.