We provide three types of printing inks: offset inks, gravure inks, and inkjet inks. We also have a wide lineup of other products such as various kinds of printing related products, functional coating materials, and other products. We provide a wide range of environmentally-friendly products that meet customers’ diverse needs.


Offset Inks & Related Products

Web Offset inks, Sheetfed Offset inks, UV Curable Inks, Newspaper Inks, Specialty Inks, Overprint Varnishes, Offset Printing Related Materials, Offset Printing Chemicals, Offset Printing Press Related Equipment, etc.

Gravure Inks & Related Products

Gravure inks for papers or plastic films, functional gravure inks, Coatings, Adhesives, etc.

Inkjet Inks

Custom-Designed Inkjet Inks.

Plastic Chemicals

Centering on color masterbatches (MBs) and functional additive masterbatches (MBs), we have a lineup of pre-colored compound, functional compounds, conductive compound, powder resins for adhesives and additive applications, and colorants for thermosetting resins. We also provide filaments and stage sealants for 3D printers, and radiation detector materials.

Plastic Chemicals


Color Masterbatches (MBs), Additive MBs: Hollow Microsphere, Foaming Agent, Infrared Barrier, Weathering Stabilizer, UV Absorber, Heat-Retention, Anti-Static, Anti-Fogging, Deodorant, Anti-Microbial, Flame Retardant, Clarifier/Nucleating Agent, Anti-Corrosion, etc., Process Aid MBs: Anti-Buildup, Anti-Dusting Agent, Anti-Oxidant, Slip Agent, Anti-Block Agent, Anti-Foaming Agent, Filler, etc., Color MBs and Additive MBs for Biodegradable Plastics.

Other Plastic Chemicals

Purge Compounds (for injection or extrusion forming) "Powerful Purge®", Precolored Compounds, Conductive Compounds, Dry Color blends, Adhesive Powder Resins, Paste Colors for Thermosetting Plastics, Resins for 3D Printers and related products, Plastic Scintillator for Radiation Detectors (β), etc.

Plastic Products

We provide and propose various plastic processed products using special forming technology in a wide range of sectors. We respond to customers’ challenges with a solution package combined with plastic processed products and construction methods.

Plastic Products

Packaging & Industrial Products

Plastic Meshes "Netlon®", Mono-Oriented Olefin Film "Hiblon® (PE)" and "Noblen® (PP)", PP-Foamed Film "Sunnypearl", Heat-Retention Non-Woven Sheet for Agriculture, etc.

Civil Engineering & Outdoor Materials

"Terracell®" and "Groundcell®" for the application of load support improvement, protection of steep soil slope and channel, earth retention, disaster-prevention, etc.