Tokyo Ink Group Code Of Conduct

  1. We Will Act in Line with Laws and Ethical Standards

    Tokyo Ink Group will obey all laws and government regulations in the countries and regions in which it operates. In addition, individuals affiliated with the company will act in accordance with ethical standards.
  2. We Will Respect Human Rights, and Will Not Tolerate Discrimination in Any Form

    Tokyo Ink Group will not discriminate based on race, skin color, religious beliefs, gender, marital status, age, disability, nationality, or other factors.
  3. We Will Conduct Fair Competition and Commercial Transactions

    Tokyo Ink Group will conduct business in compliance with anti-trust, competition and fair trade laws and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations in the countries and regions in which we operate, and will not perform actions which deviate from these fundamental rules.
  4. We Will Not Associate with Antisocial Elements

    Tokyo Ink Group will approach antisocial elements with a firm resolve, and will refuse to associate in any way.
  5. We Will Improve Our Corporate Transparency

    Tokyo Ink Group will improve corporate transparency by providing accurate information on our business activities and financial performance based on precise data records to our shareholders and society.
  6. We Will Place Priority on Safety During Our Business Activities

    Tokyo Ink Group will obey procedures and standards set at each worksite, and conduct its business activities with a priority on safety.
  7. We Will Strive to Manufacture and Sell Products that Contribute to Preservation of the Global Environment

    Tokyo Ink Group will consider environmental preservation and co-prosperity with the natural environment when conducting business. We will develop a company-wide environmental management system and strive to develop environmentally friendly products during our manufacturing and sales activities.
  8. We Will Strive to Deepen Interaction With and Contribute to Local Communities

    Tokyo Ink Group will strive to achieve harmony with the communities in which it operates its business sites, and to become a company that is welcomed, recognized, and trusted by the community as a good corporate citizen. To achieve this, we will study the history and culture of the local region and take proactive initiatives to contribute to the community.
  9. We Will Refine Our Technology to Deliver Safe, High Quality Products and Services

    In order to deliver safe, high quality products and services, Tokyo Ink Group will not only meet legal and regulatory standards, but constantly pursue and achieve levels beyond this.
  10. We Will Constantly Approach Our Work with a Spirit of Challenge

    Tokyo Ink Group will constantly strive to better the status quo and take on new challenges.